OkArcade – Arduino PS2 Keyboard Protocol Implementation

So I have decided that I am going to build my own Arcade Machine from scratch.  While it would be cool to have an authentic retro machine, I am going for a modern route where this machine will be built around a fairly new pc and 32″ LED TV for display.   My goal is to cut cost by re-purposing some of my old hardware, along with building every component that I need.

My buddies Machine that has inspired this project


This is where the current post starts.  All home built pc arcades use basic PS2/USB keyboard encoder board to connect to all their joystick and button inputs.  Sure you can find a few good pre-built boards out there, but they usually start around $60 with ranges of 12 to 56 inputs.  My goal is to build this on my own using an Arduino as my foundation.  My initial plans are to support up to 48 inputs with a cost of around $15 along with the satisfaction that I built it from scratch.

This is going to be a place holder for now.  Once I have gotten a solid implementation in place I will post an update.  Expect to find links to the documentation I used, along with my method of approach and wiring diagrams of the PS2 cable.


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